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We are a small family business that started our own campervan experience in 1995 when we came to New Zealand for the first time, built our own camper and explored New Zealand for six months.

We loved it so much we decided to make New Zealand our new home and emigrated from the Netherlands to the Rotorua district in 2002.

Now Rotorua Campervans is dedicated to provide you with our personal rental service to help you enjoy your campervan holiday and New Zealand experience.

We offer quality campervans for hire without hidden costs, fully equipped and presented clean and fully serviced.

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Thank you for choosing Rotorua Campervans. We are very proud of our product and our reputation, and we have built our business on providing the best possible experience for our customers. Your safety and security are our greatest concerns, so to assist you in making your holiday a wonderful experience, it is important for you to carefully read these terms and conditions. Should you have any questions about these terms and conditions please contact us on rotoruacampervans@gmail.com

Temporary Covid-19 additional Terms and Conditions

For the time New Zealand borders are closed for International tourist, the following conditions apply for international bookings:

  • NO Deposit payment is required to secure your booking. On the opening of the NZ borders, the deposit will be charged, the Balance payment is to be paid 42 days prior to your pickup date
  • If New Zealand closes the borders before the customer arrives in New Zealand, all received payments become travel credit (non-refundable)
  • If travel is interrupted during the time the customer is in New Zealand, there will be No (part) refund, (please refer to your travel insurance).

For New Zealand locals (residents and permanent residents) bookings:

  • Our normal deposit of $750.00 is required to confirm your booking and full payment is required 14 days before your rental pickup date. In case of COVID 19 travel restrictions, if New Zealand or the North Island goes into level 3 or 4 before your pickup date there will be a full refund of your rental rate, if only one city ( for instance Auckland, Hamilton or Wellington) goes into lockdown and the rest of New Zealand is still allowed to travel there will be NO REFUND. Regretfully no refunds can be given after you have picked up your campervan for any unused portion of your holiday.

This document contains a summary of Rotorua Campervans Ltd rental conditions.

For detailed conditions, refer to the rental agreement upon vehicle collection.

Please note all prices quoted in this document are in New Zealand Dollars and includes 15% GST (tax). Rates and conditions quoted (also in our brochures and/or documentation) are subject to change without notice. However, rates or conditions for a particular booking shall not be altered once that booking has been confirmed.

Booking confirmation and payment

To confirm a reservation, we require a deposit of $750 per rental, this can be paid either by credit card, cash, or direct debit. Full payment is due 42 days prior to collection of the vehicle. At the start of the hire, you must give us your credit card details. We may put a hold on your credit card up to the total value of the liability excess.

If any loss occurs, we will charge the loss based on the actual costs to your credit card. All payments shall be made in New Zealand Dollars. A non-refundable 2.5% administration fee will apply for transactions using accepted Visa-, Master- credit and debit cards.

Exchange rate / currency variations

All credit card transactions are conducted in New Zealand Dollars. Due to exchange rate fluctuations, there could be some variance in the amount refunded compared to the amount initially charged. Rotorua Campervans Ltd does not accept any liability for exchange rate variations.

Minimum hire

The minimum hire period is:

Low Season

1 May / 30 Sept - 4 days. Low season rates will apply from 7 days rental, booking shorter than 7 days will be charged at high season rates.

Mid Season

1 March / 30 Apr and 1Oct / 30 Nov - 4days. Midseason rates will apply from 7 days rental, booking shorter than 7 days will be charged at high season rates.

High Season

1 Dec / 28 Feb - 14 days

We offer a FREE* first-night stay in our B&B or a FREE* first rental day if you book one of our campervans for at least 14 days and pick up the campervan from our Depot.

*This offer can not be combined with other specials or deals.


This agreement is between Rotorua Campervans Limited (the “Operator”) and the hirer whose particulars are recorded in this agreement (the Hirer”). It is hereby agreed that:

1. The Operator will let and the Hirer will take the Vehicle, details of which are set out on page 1 of the rental agreement of the “Vehicle”, for the term of hire described in this agreement only the people listed on page 1 of the rental agreement will drive the Vehicle.

2. Everyone driving the vehicle must have a valid full NZ or overseas driving licence (translated into English if necessary) that is required for the class of the hired vehicle and is aged 25 or over. Inexperienced drivers (when license held <12 Months) or drivers between 21 and 25 will have and extra excess of NZ$1000 applied.


3. If you believe you have been incorrectly charged or you have any other complaint about your experience, you must inform us by giving us a written complaint within 20 working days.

4. We will aim to resolve all complaints amicably and in good faith.

5. If you are unhappy with the outcome, you have the right to engage in external dispute resolution options.



  • The Hirer shall pay the Operator for the hire of the Vehicle the sums specified in the rental agreement, send out to you at the time of booking. At the time of booking a $750.00 deposit is payable. The deposit secures the booking. The balance shall be due 42 days before the commencement of the hire. If the balance is not received 42 days before commencement of the hire, the Operator reserves the right to treat the booking as cancelled. If the term of hire is later extended the Hirer shall pay the Operator for the additional hire period when the Operator confirms the extended period. Extensions are subject to availability and are calculated at the daily rental rate on the date booked. Rates include GST. Rental days are calculated on a calendar basis. Part days at the start or end of the hire are charged at the full daily rate.
  • Late pick up, or early return of the Vehicle shall not entitle the Hirer to any refund of the unused portion of the rental.
  • The Hirer agrees to pay a bond equal to the applicable insurance excess at the start of the hire which will be refunded once the Vehicle and its contents have been returned in the same condition as when hired and the Vehicle is returned to the agreed location on the agreed date. The bond will be reduced rateable and proportionally to allow the Operator to put the Vehicle and its contents back in the same condition it was when it was hired.

7. You may also be liable for any relevant additional charges for

  • fuel;
  • LPG;
  • Returning the vehicle later than the agreed time;
  • Damage to or repair of the vehicle, and enforcement charges relating to this;
  • Traffic fines, infringement fees, and any administration cost we must pay in relation to this; or
  • Toll charges.

8. At the start of the hire, you must give us your credit card details. We may put a hold on your credit card up to the total value of the liability excess. If any loss occurs, we will charge the loss based on the actual costs to your credit card. All payments shall be made in New Zealand Dollars. A non-refundable 2.5% administration fee will apply for transactions using accepted Visa-, Master- credit and debit cards.


9. The Hirer agrees that, during the Rental Period, the Hirer will observe all applicable road rules and other legal requirements in relation to driving in New Zealand and not allow the Vehicle to be driven otherwise than in a prudent and cautious manner.

You must never:

  • Use or let anyone else use the vehicle to transport passengers for hire or reward unless you let us know in writing, and you are appropriately licensed under Part 4A of the Land Transport Act 1998 (“the Act”);
  • Sublet or hire the vehicle to anyone else;
  • Allow the vehicle to be used outside of our authority;
  • Drive or let anyone else drive the vehicle in breach of sections 56, 57 or 58 of the Act;
  • Drive or let anyone else drive the vehicle in any race, speed test, rally or contest;
  • Use the vehicle or let anyone else use the vehicle in breach of the Act, the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004, the Freedom Camping Act 2011, or any other Act, regulation, rule or bylaw about road traffic;
  • Use the vehicle or let anyone else use the vehicle to transport more passengers or goods than set in the certificate of loading and RUC certificate (whichever sets less); or h) Drive the vehicle or let anyone else drive the vehicle on any roads listed in clause 36(g) of this agreement, or on any beach, driveway, or surface likely to damage to the vehicle;
  • the Vehicle to be left with the ignition key in the Vehicle while it is unoccupied;
  • use the Vehicle to tow any vehicle or trailer.

Smoking in the Vehicle. Any smell or evidence of smoking in the Vehicle shall incur a cleaning fee of up to NZ$750.00

Pets. Animals are not permitted inside the Vehicle. Any evidence of pets (pet hair, scratches or pet smell) in the Vehicle shall incur a cleaning fee of NZ$750.00 for any animal-related cleaning.


10. It is your responsibility to ensure that:

  • You take reasonable care when driving and parking the vehicle;
  • You maintain the coolant in the vehicle’s radiator at the proper level;
  • You maintain the oil in the vehicle at the proper level;
  • You maintain the tyres at the proper pressure;
  • The vehicle is secure and locked whenever it is not being used;
  • Nobody interferes with the distance recorder or speedometer;
  • Nobody interferes with any part of the engine, transmission, braking or suspension systems;
  • If a warning light appears, or you believe the vehicle needs mechanical attention, you stop driving and contact us at once;
  • You keep a copy of your rental agreement in the vehicle during the hire


11. PROCEDURES IN CASE OF ACCIDENT If the Hirer is involved in a motor vehicle accident whilst on hire, the following procedures should be followed:

At the accident scene, the Hirer must:

  • Obtain the names and addresses of Third Parties and any witnesses.
  • Report the accident to the police, regardless of estimated damage costs
  • Not accept blame or insist the other party is at fault.
  • If possible, photograph damage to all vehicle(s) and registration number(s).
  • Email rotoruacampervans@gmail.com with the accident’s details within 24 hours. Regardless of who is at fault, if the vehicle is involved in an accident, is damaged, breaks down or needs repair or salvage, you must notify us at once. You must not arrange or carry out any repairs or salvage without our approval unless this is necessary to prevent further damage to the vehicle or other property.


12. You must return the vehicle before or at the end of the hire period to the address set out on page 1 of the rental agreement, or obtain the Operator's consent to the continuation of the hire. Any alteration to the place the Vehicle is returned to may be subject to a charge of up to NZ$1000.00 Failure to return the Vehicle at the agreed time and/or day will incur a late fee of NZ$150 per day payable in addition to the daily rental rate for each day until the Vehicle is returned

The Vehicle must be returned:

  • with a full fuel tank (diesel/petrol), a full water tank and full LPG bottles. Failure to do so shall result in refill charges of fuel cost plus NZ$50;
  • empty waste tanks;
  • all Vehicle equipment accounted for and undamaged. The Hirer is liable for any equipment that is damaged or not accounted for;
  • In a reasonably clean and tidy condition or a cleaning fee of $150.00 will be charged.
  • The toilet and toilet waste tank must be clean. Failure to do so shall result in an extra cleaning fee of NZ $250.00


13. We will make sure the vehicle is in a safe and roadworthy condition and displays a valid and current Certificate of Fitness.

14. The Operator shall be responsible for all ordinary and extraordinary costs of running the Vehicle during the term of the hire except to the extent that by the terms of this agreement those costs are payable by the Hirer.

15. If the vehicle needs repair or replacement, we will discuss your options with you to minimise your inconvenience.

16. All Vehicles are registered with the Automobile Association (AA) for 24-hour roadside assistance. This service covers any mechanical faults with the Vehicle. The AA does not cover the following and the associated costs will be the responsibility of the Hirer:

  • the Vehicle running out of fuel or breakdown is caused by the Vehicle being incorrectly fuelled;
  • the Vehicle is unable to be accessed due to a lockout or the Vehicle keys being lost or broken;
  • flat batteries caused by incorrect usage of the batteries and incorrect use of any equipment that requires the batteries in order to operate;
  • flat or damaged tyre(s)
  • damaged windscreen unless the Hirer has taken All-Inclusive liability reduction insurance;
  • the Vehicle is unattended at the time the AA Service Provider arrives at the breakdown location;
  • the Vehicle is not on a public or formed road or is trapped or bogged.

17. All non-mechanical call-outs to the AA will incur a call-out charge to the Hirer.

18. The Operator's liability extends only to the refund of hire charges for any full days of Vehicle use lost due to a mechanical breakdown. No responsibility for out of pocket expenses, accommodation charges or meals resulting from a breakdown or accident will be accepted. If the Vehicle is damaged to the extent that it cannot be driven, the Operator shall endeavour to exchange the Vehicle. Provision of an exchange vehicle is subject to availability and Hirer's location.


19. The Hirer may make amendments to a confirmed booking with not less than at least 42 days notice from the date of the agreed commencement of the rental period subject to the Rental Company having the alternative capacity and alternative booking dates available. Each booking reservation amendment will be charged according to the currently valid price list. After confirmation of the booking reservation, subsequent or further changes are not permitted.


Confirmed hires subsequently cancelled incur a cancellation fee as below:

Up to 42 days prior to pick up date --100% of the deposit
Within 42 days of your pick up date -- 50% of total rental rates
Within 21 days of your pick up date -- 100% of total rental rates
No show-- 100% of total rental rates
In all cases, the minimum amount retained is the deposit.


Regretfully no refunds can be given for any unused portion of your holiday. However, your travel insurance may in some circumstances cover the unused portion. Refunds for hires paid and cancelled prior to pick up will be subject to our cancellation policy.

20. The Operator may cancel the hire agreement and take immediate possession of the Vehicle if:

  • The Hirer fails to comply with any of the terms of this agreement or if the Vehicle is damaged;
  • The Hirer has obtained the Vehicle through fraud or misrepresentation;
  • The Vehicle appears to be abandoned;
  • The Vehicle is not returned at or before the expiry of the term of hire, or the Operator reasonably believes that the Vehicle will not be returned at or before the expiry of the term of hire
  • The Operator considers, on reasonable grounds that the safety of the passengers or the condition of the Vehicle is or has been endangered.

21. If the Operator cancels the hire agreement, then no refund will be given.

22. The termination of the hiring under the authority of this clause shall be without prejudice to the other rights of the Operator and the rights of the Hirer under this agreement.

23. If the reserved Vehicle is not available for reasons outside the Operator’s control, then the reserved Vehicle may be substituted with a comparable or superior Vehicle at no extra cost to the Hirer. Such Vehicle substitution shall not constitute a breach of contract and does not entitle the Hirer to any form of a refund. If no substitute Vehicle is available to the Hirer, the Operator’s liability shall be limited to a refund of the hire charge in full. In the case of mechanical failure (unless caused by the Hirer), the Operator’s liability shall be limited to the hire charge for the remainder of the term of hire.


24. If we reasonably believe that your driving will likely cause danger to yourself or anyone else, we may:

  • cancel this agreement at once by giving you either verbal or written notice, and
  • elect to discuss the circumstances of your cancellation with other rental companies to promote safe driving in New Zealand. If we cancel the agreement because of this, you must return the vehicle to the address set out on page 1 of the rental agreement as soon as possible.

25. We may cancel this agreement if you breach clauses 1, 2, 9 or 10. If so, no refund will be given.


26. We will collect, hold and use your personal information for purposes related to the hire of the vehicle. We may disclose such personal information to third parties legitimately seeking to recover debts incurred as a result of your use of the vehicle. A Global Positioning System (GPS) may be installed for safety and insurance purposes.

27. You retain rights of access to, and correction of, your personal information.


28. You are liable for any:

  • loss or damage to the vehicle and its accessories (excluding fair wear and tear),
  • consequential loss, damage or costs we have to pay, including salvage costs, and c) loss or damage to vehicles and property of third parties arising during the hire, that is caused by you or anyone driving the vehicle.


29. Our fleet is insured under a policy of motor vehicle insurance (“Policy”) from a person or company licensed to carry on insurance business in New Zealand under the Insurance (Prudential Supervision) Act 2010.

30. Please note that we are not providing insurance services to you. We are only managing the insurance provided under the Policy. We reserve the right to decide whether to claim under the Policy. If the vehicle is damaged, you must contact us at once and only deal with us.

31. Everyone named on page 1 of the rental agreement is covered against the losses set out under the Policy.

32. You are insured under the Policy up to the value of $1,000,000.

33. You can make your own insurance arrangements but you will be responsible to claim your paid excess to us to your insurance and we can not guaranty that your insurance will cover your paid excess to us.

34. Your excess: If you do or do not choose to make your own insurance arrangements, you still must pay an excess contribution to us. This is the amount you must contribute towards the cost of repair or replacement of the vehicle.

  • The excess is payable per accident and is printed on the second-page clause 9 of your rental agreement.
  • The Operator may make the applicable deduction from the Hirer’s credit card following notification of any loss or damage to the Vehicle
  • In the event of any damage to a Vehicle or third party property, another bond shall be collected to cover the excess for any subsequent damage.
  • Where the total cost of a claim is less than the excess then the Hirer shall be liable to pay that lesser amount.

35. No excess: If you choose to pay the full excess waiver fee then you do not have to pay the excess contribution under clause 34

36. What is not covered under the Policy, regardless of whether you have paid the excess waiver fee. You will not be covered under the Policy and will have to pay for all costs referred to in clause 28 if:

  • you or anyone driving the vehicle is under the influence of any intoxicating substance, drug or alcohol;
  • the vehicle is used in an unsafe or damaged condition, and the person driving the vehicle was or should have been aware of this, and this added to the damage or loss;
  • you or anyone else drive the vehicle in any race, speed test, rally, hill climbing or contest;
  • anyone drives the vehicle which is not named on page 1 of the rental agreement or does not have a valid and full drivers licence;
  • you or anyone else drive the vehicle in breach of clauses 9 and 10;
  • you or anyone else driving the vehicle commit a traffic offence that, in the opinion of a reasonable person, caused or contributed to any loss or damage;
  • you or anyone else drive the vehicle on any beach or surface likely to damage the Vehicle, or cause it to become bogged or trapped, driving through flooded areas, submerging in water, contacting salt water; and, in the opinion of a reasonable person, this caused or contributed to any loss or damage;
  • Damages caused by entering height-restricted car parks or any other structures that are lower than the vehicle height
  • you have chosen to make your own insurance arrangements. i) Molest, preventable and or foreseeable damage to the vehicle, interior and its accessories. Examples: contamination to the fuel or freshwater tanks; loss of (transponder) vehicle keys; leaving the awning out in weather like (rain, storm, wind) that does not allow you to If any of the above exclusions occur, the Hirer shall be liable for all resulting actual or consequential losses incurred by Rotorua Campervans Ltd. and it is at their sole discretion as to whether it shall lodge a claim pursuant to the insurance cover.
    Damage includes any and all damage to third party property, and any and all damage to the rented Vehicle including windscreens, tyres, towing and recovery costs, theft, fire, break-in or vandalism.
  • A single Vehicle rollover is considered a breach of this condition. A single Vehicle rollover may include, but is not limited to, a Vehicle that has rolled, tipped or fallen over and this has caused damage to the side and/or roof area of the Vehicle in circumstances within the control of the Customer.

The costs of any damage will include the cost of repairing the damage, and, where the damage is the Customer’s fault, the cost of the daily rental rate for the period the Vehicle is being repaired. A processing fee and associated damage assessment fees are applicable per claim.

Driving campervans on certain roads in New Zealand can be both difficult and dangerous. Accordingly, to protect customers’ safety, Rotorua Campervans limits the roads our customers can travel on.

Road restrictions apply as follows:

Vehicles may only be driven on sealed/bitumen or well-maintained roads. The only exception to this is a reasonable use of access roads limited to a maximum of twelve kilometres in length to recognised campgrounds and major tourist attractions.

Vehicles are not permitted to be driven on:

Ball Hutt Road (Mt Cook), Skippers Road (Queenstown), Ninety Mile Beach (Northland), all roads north of Colville (Coromandel Peninsula), Te Urewera National Park ( the gravel road between Murupara and Lake Waikaremoana motor camp) and all ski field access roads (from 01 June to 31 October) or any un-sealed road and un-metalled roads or any beach whatsoever. The Customer is responsible for all damage if travelling on these roads. We strongly recommend that you check for current road restrictions and closures during your rental by visiting the New Zealand Transport Agency’s website at www.nzta.govt.nz.


37. You will be liable for the following infringement offences committed during the hire:

  • a speeding offence,
  • a toll offence, or
  • an offence for not keeping to a traffic signal direction, detected by vehicle surveillance equipment
  • an offence for parking on a road that breaches any bylaw or road controlling authority
  • an offence against Part 6 of the Land Transport (Road User) Rule 2004
  • an offence under section 20(1) of the Freedom Camping Act 2001.

38. If you commit an infringement offence, you must pay any infringement fee and costs due.

39. We may elect to transfer liability for any infringement offence from us as the registered owner of the vehicle to you as the driver. If so, we will pass on your name, address, date of birth, and driver licence number to the relevant infringement authority, and charge an administration fee of $50 to cover the cost of transferring liability.

40. If we receive an infringement notice or reminder notice of an infringement offence committed during the hire, we will send you a copy of the notice and this agreement within five working days.

41. After receiving an infringement notice, we will let you know that your credit card may be charged the set infringement fee and an administration cost of up to $50 for not paying the fee yourself once we receive the reminder notice.

42. If we only receive the reminder notice, we will let you know that your credit card may be charged the set infringement fee and administration cost because you have not paid before we will charge you.


43. You are entitled to:

  • challenge or complaint about the alleged offence to the enforcement authority that sent the infringement notice, and
  • seek a court hearing, either within 56 days from the date the infringement notice was given or 28 days from the date the reminder notice was given.

44. Terms and conditions, as well as rates quoted, are subject to change without notice. However, rates or conditions for a particular booking shall not be altered once that booking has been confirmed except where clause 19 applies.


45. The Hirer releases the Operator and its employees and agents from any liability to the Hirer (regardless of who is at fault) for any loss, damage or injuries incurred by the Hirer by reason of rental, possession or use of the Vehicle or storage of personal belongings at the Operator’s premises.

46. The Operator may assist the Hirer with the installation of child restraints. However, the Operator will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury incurred by the Hirer in relation to child restraints. It is the legal responsibility of the child’s parent or guardian to ensure that their child is properly restrained at all times when the vehicle is in motion.


47. Luggage can be stored at our rental location free of charge. Luggage handed over to Rotorua Campervans for storage is done so at the owner’s own risk and Rotorua Campervans accepts no responsibility for any damage or loss of luggage.

Rotorua Campervans strongly recommends that the Customer takes out personal travel insurance to cover any injury or loss.


Hirer’s Responsibilities and Liability to the Operator

Before the hire has commenced, it is the Hirer’s responsibility to ensure that:

  • The bike is in proper working order. This includes (but is not limited to) brakes, wheels, pedals and helmet. If there are any issues with the bike, these must be reported to the Operator prior to the hire commencing;
  • There is no existing damage to the bike such as buckled wheels, and there are no missing parts or accessories. If there are, then these must be reported to the Operator prior to the hire commencement.

50. Once the hire has commenced, the Hirer has full responsibility for the bike and any damage the bike may cause to the Vehicle or third party. The Hirer is responsible for the repair or replacement cost for damage to, or loss of, the bike and its accessories. This includes (but is not limited to) damage or scratches to the Vehicle, buckled wheels, and missing parts and accessories and the bike rack.


If you wish to proceed please request an 'obligation free' availability check.
Availability and a personal quote will be sent to you.
Please allow 24 hours to take time zone differences into account.
Quotes are valid for 7 days from the issue but are subject to availability of the Vehicle.

Rotorua Campervans LTD
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